Message From Chairman

UMCH was established in 1996 with an aim to serve the people by providing health care services as a private hospital in Bangladesh. Today, after serving people for more than a decade, it has been able to be foremost renowned and reputed referral hospital in Bangladesh.

Universal Medical College is a part of Universal Medical College Hospital (Former Aysha Memorial Specialized Hospital) and was started in 2013 and functional since 2014-2015.This Medical College has already achieved a good reputation in quality medical education in last three years. I express my humble gratitude to all of our teachers, parents, students and every faculty members for their unconditional support to meet our expected goal.

UMC has organized everything that will lead you towards becoming the next generation healthcare leaders. Acknowledging the global need of competent health care provider, we have enlarged the academic horizon with highly experienced professors and doctors from the country who are showing their true dedication in mentoring, supervising and supporting the students to facilitate the academic excellence.

Adjacent to this, well facilitated lecture halls, modernly furnished classrooms, air-conditioned lecture halls, audiovisual facilities, separate male and female dormitories for accommodation have made the college a true learning environment. We have enriched modern library with national and international journals, referral books, and text books of international standards. More precisely, we believe in overall development of our students thus we equally focus on extra academic cultural activities, games and sports facilities to recreate and refresh the students. Therefore, I believe that universal medical college is the best option to start your medical career. We bestow the MBBS degree focusing socio-economic aspect and holistic development of a student.

We embrace our slogan “Smile for All” and work to make it happen. May you nurture in our arena being capable of coloring people’s smile.

Message from Vice Chairman

Universal Medical College Hospital brings together a state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern technology and very dedicated faculties to provide teaching in a compassionate environment. A number of talented, skilled and dedicated medical faculties are working and putting their highest effort to deliver high quality of medical education to meet their greatest potential both academically and behaviorally, along with being fully prepared for success in student life and in their career.

One of our major goals is to train the next generation of superb clinicians, physician-scientists, skilled nurses and leaders for our field.  We are the only medical college & nursing institute in the Bangladesh to offer several distinct residency tracks in: Primary Care, Global Health, Public Health, and Medical Education & Research.

The collaboration with the staff, students, families, and community members at UMC creates a culture that promotes the philosophy of life-long learning. As a Vice Chairman of UMCH, I am glad to be involved with this medical college hospital since its beginning. I would like to express my modest gratitude with cordial thank from the core of my heart and best wishes to all our honorable Teacher, Students, Parents and well, wishers.

Message from Principal

UMC is a newly established medical college set up in 2013, but now the facilities added here are modern, unique and quality assured in terms of academic staff, equipments, laboratory and hospital facilities to me which are competitive to world. New facilities being constantly added and expanded as per dynamic and visionary imagination of our honorable chairman Mrs. Priti Chakraborty.

I believe modern facilities available at UMC will provide opportunity to the students to go through the traditional & modern treatment facilities for their learning.