Sl NoDate PublishedSubjectLink
1March 22, 2024The Independence Day-2024view
2March 19, 2024Birth day of Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman 17 March-2024view
3February 20, 2024International Mother Language day-2024view
4December 15, 202316th December 2023 programview
5August 14, 2023National Mourning Day 15 August-2023view
6March 16, 2023Birth day of Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman 17 March-2023view
7February 19, 2023International Mother Language day-2023view
8January 24, 2023Saraswati Puja 2023view
9January 11, 2023Academic Council Meeting 16-Jan, 2023view
10January 8, 2023GOVERNING BODY MEETINGview