Every student must follow the existing rules of the Universal Medical College and also the rules, which will be notified in future time to time. Disciplinary action(s) would be taken by the Academic and Disciplinary body against any student who violates or tries to violates any of these rules in the form of fine, suspension, detention or expulsion from the college.

Students must attend the classes punctually as per class routine. Students must have at least 75% classpercentage &good academic performance for sitting in the University Examinations.

Students must sit for all departmental and college examinations. The students must complete all system cards, term finals and ward final examinations in each subject. If any student fails to fulfill the internal academic requirements will not be considered for sitting in the University examinations. The university professional examinations are conducted as per the systems of the Faculty of Medicine of Dhaka University.

Dress Code:
Students must put on proper dress for attending classes & ward duties.

Others/ Miscellaneous Rules:

1. Students are required to observe the order and quietness at all the times in the campus and will not be involved in any types of grouping, politics or activities which are subversive to the institution or state.
2. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the college premises.
3. Addiction to any drug/narcotics is forbidden and subject to serious disciplinary action.
4. Students are not allowed to display any poster, notice, handbill in the college, hospital or hostel premises without written permission.
5. Students desiring to address principal by letter must do so separately and individually. Joint application and correspondence directly to any higher authority other than principal is forbidden.
6. Students facing any problem in the college or hostel may apply to principal through proper channel.


Library Rules
Students are allowed to use the Library from 8am to 8pm on all working days of the week. The Library is closed on Fridays and national holidays. Students are allowed to read in the library. Students are also permitted to borrow books from the library.