There are two separate hostels for male and female students within the campus. Hostels have the facilities such as dining room, common room with arrangements for games, TV etc.

Students are to comply with the following rules & regulations during their study in this Medical College.

Hostel gate will be closed at 10.00 PM and opened at 6.00 AM. All students must come back to hostel before 10.00 PM.
Other than class hours, before leaving the hostel, the students are directed to sign the register book and must produce application duly signed by legal guardians on return.

Only near relations of a student (Parents, Sisters, Brothers) are allowed to see the students in the hostel guest room between following hours :

EVERY DAY : 3.00 PM TO 6.00 PM
FRIDAY : 1.00 PM TO 6.00 PM

* Guests are not allowed in the room of student.

All students will take food from the students’ common mess at the dining hall and maintain the following timetable:

BREAK FAST : 7.00 AM TO 9.30 AM
LUNCH : 1.00 PM TO 3.00 PM
DINNER : 8.00 PM TO 10.00 PM

Food is not allowed to be taken to the rooms from dining hall. Preparation of food in the room is prohibited.

Students are asked to maintain proper cleanliness of their rooms. Waste materials from rooms are to be kept in wastebasket / plastic bin in each floor. It is expected that every student will be well disciplined and behave properly both in hostel and in the campus and must not be involved in anything unbecoming and unwanted.
The college authority will bear no responsibility for any activity or traveling outside the campus by the students. The college authority will provide accommodation for a student during the 5 year MBBS course. If a student fails to pass in due time, the college authority may not take responsibility to provide accommodation for further period.