About UMCH

With modern & standard operation theatres, all facilities of general Hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU), High Dependency Unit (HDU), Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), bedside Haemodialysis Unit, UMCH is ready at its new form.

UMCH is a 250 bedded approved general hospital with Medical College & Nursing Institute located at centre of Dhaka, Mohakhali, in a calm & quiet environment, away from all kinds of chaos & pollution.

Our devoted doctors, caring nurses are well trained. All members work always at your service & ready to receive patients with all kinds of health problems.


To serve the people by providing them access to excellence in healthcare in a supportive and caring environment.


To be a national leader for excellence and innovation in the delivery of healthcare and patient safety, continually improving the quality of services and the patient care experience. To be the model of service in our focused hospital service lines and in related patient-oriented research and clinical trials. To provide representative clinical settings that support the education of future healthcare practitioners, both as individuals and as members of the collaborative healthcare delivery team. To be a ‘patients friendly hospital’ where trust is only a word


Caring: We Do the Kind Things

Each employee of this hospital touches the lives of the patients and families by care. We serve with kindness, compassion and strive to better understand and respond to the needs of a diverse community.



Safety: We Do the Safe Thing

Patients and families have placed their lives and health in our hands. At UMCH, our first priority and the role of medicine is to protect them from harm. We believe that maintaining the highest safety standards are critical to deliver. Only high-quality care and a safe workplace can protect us all.

Excellence: We do the Best Thing

UNIVERSAL MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL LTD. (Former Aysha Memorial Hospital) serves the best for you. We work as a team to bring experience, advanced technology and best practices to bear in providing the highest-quality care for our patients and families. We devote ourselves to continuous improvement, excellence, professionalism and innovation in our work.

Integrity: We Do the Right Thing

Our actions tell the world what UNIVERSAL MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL LTD. is and what we stand for. We act ethically and responsibly in everything we do and hold ourselves accountable for our behavior. We deal our patients, families and co-workers with respect and due care. And we also support the well-being of our communities with honesty and goodness.


Service with a smile

UNIVERSAL MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL LTD. treats all the patients like family members with care and respect. ‘Patients First is our philosophy. We endeavour to make each and every visit a unique experience which you can remember and recommend us to your family and friends.

Highest comfort zone

We wish to be considered as the hospital which gives you the highest comfort zone; as we believe that hospitals should give a warm and welcoming environment. We try to anticipate your every need, providing a wide range of services, including Comfortable Waiting Areas, Lounges, VIP Cabin, Cabin, Cafeteria, Gift Shop all for your convenience. Our patient care staff are always ready to assist whenever you need.

Making your visit easy

UNIVERSAL MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL LTD. receives appointments via phone, e-mail and online. We always ensure assistance for insured patients.

Professional and Dedicated Team

“We are highly skilled” and ethical professionals. UNIVERSAL MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL LTD. team is consisted of highly professionals around the country. More than 1000 people are always ready for patient service. The core strength is our expertise in health care, clinical services and medical workforce development. We maintain a full-time professional sta¬ of highly skilled Medical Administrators, Placement Consultants, Accounting, Administration, Marketing and IT Professionals. Together, we operate as a supportive team with shared responsibilities and roles that serve to strengthen our ability to deliver personalized, responsive and comprehensive services to our doctors and health service organizations. Our team’s extensive know-how in the management and delivery of medical workforce solutions sets us apart from other companies within the industry.

Hospitalization Services

“You will receive care in a facility designed for your comfort, with uncompromising levels of cleanliness and hygiene” Should you require hospitalization? We are fully-equipped to care for all your treatments and monitoring. Every ward is clean and specious, individualized air conditioning, nurse call systems & en-suite bathrooms, for your convenience. We o‑er general ward, semi-private, private and VIP cabins. Upon hospitalization you will be visited by our patient care officers who you can call for medical or non-medical assistance when you need. For those who are in need of special care and observation, we have fully-equipped highest quality monitoring & resuscitation equipment at Intensive Care Unit (ICU) & Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU). Our ICU & CICU beds are designed to accommodate one patient only for optimal infection control and are closely observed by our skilled ICU
& CICU nursing team round the clock. Anesthesiologists are also on call throughout the day & night to provide medical care for our ICU & CICU patients.

Medical Centre

UNIVERSAL MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL LTD. has a highly skilled team in Bangladesh, even most of them are overseas trained, providing expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of medical specialties from general practice Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine & Infectious Diseases etc. They provide consultations to our out patients department every day for your convenience and ready access. Making an appointment is recommended to avoid the need for waiting upon the availability of the specialist. Patient who need to be hospitalized for investigation or treatment are admitted at the ’Medical’ wing.